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Quilts For Sale


Here is a selection of already finished quilts for sale. If you see a pattern you like, but need a different size, PLEASE contact us and we can specially make one for you! 

To order one of these quilts, send an email with the name of the quilt and we'll contact you with payment and shipping information. Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Most quilts will average between $.05-$.10 a square inch, depending on the complexity of the design--this will help provide an estimate of how much a different size would cost. One-third payment is required with your order for us to purchase raw materials, one-third payment is due before your top will be quilted, and the final one-third payment is due before delivery.

(Click on any picture to enlarge it)

Check out the custom quilts we've made for our customers!!

autumn_patchwork.jpg (210719 bytes)

Autumn Colors Patchwork--$150

Couch Throw  (56x63)

butterflies.jpg (269437 bytes)


Queen (86x86)

red_diamonds.jpg (311087 bytes)

Red Diamonds--$150

Throw Size (52x62)


pinwheels.jpg (275636 bytes)

Blue Pinwheels--$250

Twin Size (61x82)

church_windows.jpg (247175 bytes)

Church Windows--$160

Throw Size (40x48)

sailboats.jpg (308337 bytes)

Sailboats & Sunshine--$75

Crib/Lap Size (36x45)


blue_yellow_around_the_world.jpg (207294 bytes)

Blue Yellow Checks--$75

Crib/Lap Size (42x42)

irish_chain.jpg (322296 bytes)

  Blue/peach Irish Chain--$335

Full Size (76x88)

hearts_in_the_windows.jpg (222061 bytes)

Hearts in the Windows--$200

Throw Size (51x58)


which_way.jpg (220835 bytes)

Which Way?--$320

Full Size (76x88)



Gift Certificates Available!!

Wisconsin residents, please add 5% sales tax to any purchase price.


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