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Mosaic Quilts

These are custom-made from your photograph. They contain 12-24 different fabrics to create depth and shading. Each finished square on the quilt is 1 inch (or less)! Sizes will vary, depending on your photo.  

Most faces look good with approximately 1,000 pieces or more. A more detailed photo may require approximately 3,000 pieces.

The more pieces used, the clearer the picture will be. Unfortunately, that also increases the size. However, a smaller block can be used (1/2 inch finished) to make a smaller quilt with more detail. The smaller pieces do not mean less time to construct, so they will be priced the same. 

Cost will be approximately $0.15 per piece. 

Each mosaic will include a hanging sleeve on the back, or it can be mounted to foam-core for framing, instead of being quilted. (confused yet? email any questions!)

maddie_mosaic.jpg (290562 bytes)

approximately 500 pieces

mosaic1.jpg (197399 bytes)

approximately 1,330 pieces

profile.jpg (144609 bytes)

approximately 1,200 pieces

(if you can't see the faces, trying backing away from your screen a few feet)



Gift Certificates Available!!

Wisconsin residents, please add 5% sales tax to any purchase price.


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