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Before you place an order...please think about the following aspects of your Quilt:


Do you like florals, stripes, plaids, bright colors, pastels, darks, etc? Sometimes it is easier to figure out what you DON'T like. A good description helps us to find just the right colors--green as grass, purple as grape jelly, etc.

A background color may be a good starting point, as the top can coordinate with it.


Do you have a favorite quilt pattern? 9 patch, flying geese, rail fence, friendship star, etc. Look through our samples and see if one interests you. 

Quilt Structure

Do you want a thin dense quilt, or a thick fluffy one? Polyester batting is our standard preference. It is warm, washable and lightweight. It comes in low, classic, and high loft. Cotton/polyester blend is warm and washable. It makes the quilt feel heavier. Cotton batting is thin, but warm. It shrinks and wrinkles after washing to give an old-fashioned look.

Do you have a thread preference? We prefer to use cotton or cotton/polyester thread for piecing your quilt. We use cotton/polyester or an invisible nylon thread for quilting and binding, depending on which would look more flattering. 

Do you have a finishing preference? Our standard binding is a double-fold binding made of your background fabric. It is applied by machine and either finished with a decorative stitch or hand-stitched.

Time Frame

How fast do you need your quilt? Our average turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. A $30 rush fee will be charged if you need your quilt in less than 4 weeks. Please email us to get an estimate of our workload.


Okay--You are almost ready to order now...

 first read our disclaimers...






Gift Certificates Available!!

Wisconsin residents, please add 5% sales tax to any purchase price.


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